Perfect processing, to detail

The Cutting Process is a perfect mix of manual expertise and automation. Our auto cutters greatly speed up our production by cutting the fabric into various sizes to suit different purposes. The BEE VEE IMPEX Washing Unit is a division on its own, working all 24 hours, providing different processes, each with a specic signicance. With an infrastructure of one 100 Kg. Washing Machine, one sample Washing Machine and ve 50 Kg. Tumble Dryers and with a major production capacity of 4000 Kg, we ensure that each process is executed with utmost care. The fascinating list of processes include Enzyme Wash, Silicon Wash, Moon Wash, Electro Merk, Ultra Violet Wash, Surh Wash, Acid Wash, Anti Pilling Wash, Gel Wash, CPL Wash, Stone Wash, Winch Wash, Bio Wash, Ozone Magic, Fragrance Wash, Denim Wash and Natural Wash.